domenica 31 gennaio 2010

My first Sal invitation

I'm very happy that I found Roberta's blog, where I seen her organization for Sal Enigma-Tico.
I got my first part of the chart yesterday, so I shall make it soon and put the picture here.
Ok, let me introduce myself: I'm Maria from Slovakia and as everyone here I love handmade things. I usualy combine the materials, and try new ideas out to see the interesting results.
I'm very happy to join this group, thank you Roberta for the chance to participate!

3 commenti:

roberta67 ha detto...

Welcome! Happy to have you with us!

Daniela ha detto...

Welcome Maria, is really great see this group growing! Do you have a blog where we can give a look at your works?

Vonnie ha detto...


How do I join this SAL. It's gorgeous!!!

Thank you,